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Dr Fayruz Sataar

Nominator Shameene Harris nominates Dr Fayruz Sataar.

Since day 1 of the announcement, this passionate Doctor has campaigned and mobilized all her fellow doctors and NGO business associates in assisting to formulate and procure each needed medical supplies required to control the rapid spread of Covid-19 without hesitation realising the importance of immediate action.

Dr Brazil Fick

Nominator Vernon Delport nominates Dr Brazil Fick.

Dr Fick is from Eldorado Park and for the people of Eldorado Park. He is such a good and patient Dr that listens attentively at every problem and aches you had when you visit him for a particular reason and wouldn’t accept full payment for the consultation when he sees that you’re a pensioner.

Professor Ismail Mall

Nominator Darren Lillywhite nominates Professor Ismail Mall.

Professor Mall goes beyond the call of Duty. He even responds to SMS and WhatsApp queries in the middle of the night. Now that is a dedication to his community and a respect for humanity.

Professor Ismail Mall

Nominator Desiree’ Bartosch nominates Professor Ismail Mall.

Prof tirelessly attends to any person who is waiting to see him. He often doesn’t charge if the person cannot afford it. Always smiling with something nice to say. He doesn’t stop until the last person has seen him, and without having a break. He always has time to listen and give advice and remembers all previous conversations. He is compassionate and caring.

Professor Ismail Mall

Nominator Valenteen Lillywhite nominates Professor Ismail Mall.

I have never met a doctor quite like him, serving people who cannot afford doctors, always willing to truly listen to his patients despite long queues waiting to see him. His knowledge and insight are amazing. He genuinely cares for people! If anyone deserves this it is him

Professor Ismail Mall

Nominator Taryn Swart nominates Professor Ismail Mall.

Prof Mall is always so helpful, kind, understanding and works very late hours helping those who don’t have a lot of money especially with elderly patients.

Ronel Havenga

Nominator Jolene Hamann nominates Ronel Havenga.

Ronel is the head pharmacist here at Welgevonden pharmacy. She always goes above and beyond for all her customers. She like a mother to everyone, always shows love, kindness, compassion, empathy, always there to lean on.
We love her so much here and can always count on her.

John Michell

Nominator Ezile Dalibango nominates John Michell.

He’s indeed a brave doctor to carry a big bag crossing many rivers to send medications to different clinics during the protests which was happening in Ngcwanguba Kwaaiman as well as Zithulele

John Michell

Nominator Aphinda Mqikela nominates John Michell.

Well done you done a great job we all know that keep moving

John Michell

Nominator Abenathi nominates John Michell.

You the most brilliant and brave doctor I ever seen.. Pick it up and do more of your good works

Dr John Mitchell

Nominator David de Gruchy nominates Dr John Michell.

When our protests shut down the only road to and from Zithulele hospital, Dr John hiked to clinics with a backpack of crucial medical to ensure that patients received their treatment. Legend.

Dr. John Michell

Nominator Dumisani Welcome Masango nominates Dr. John Michell.

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Dr. Michell for Sponsors of Brave Awards 2020. In addition to performing his job at an exemplary level, John demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to Zithulele rural community as well as to the general public. John takes it upon himself to provide exceptional support and service to the rural community and other NGO staffers. A true medical patriot.

John Michell

Nominator Indiphile Zilindlovu nominates John Michell.

I know you are a good doctor and you are always helping people please keep it that way you did a great job thank you

John Michell

Nominator Zukile luzipho nominates John Michell.

Well done John we know your good work God bless you 🙏

Dr. John Michell

Nominator Ruan Cilliers nominates Dr. John Michell.

I run an NGO in the same area as Dr. John Michell. He is always going out of his way to try to help the community in any way possible. Instead of saying there is a problem, he would say there is an opportunity for change and then instead of just complaining about the problem, become part of the solution. With so many problems in our country and people complaining, we need more John‘s driving change!

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